Verity Parental Control Software

Verity Parental Control Software

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Verity parental control software

Product Description

Verity parental control software allows you to track and monitor what your kids are doing on the computer and online in an easy, non-invasive way.

  • Monitor computer activity both online and off
  • Block websites and applications with parental controls
  • View screenshots were taken at regular intervals
  • Track computer usage by user and program

Instead of looking over your child's shoulder every time they use the computer, Verity gives parents peace of mind. Let Verity do the watching for you and see important details regarding what your children do on the computer.

After a quick setup, Verity will begin logging the programs being used, websites visited, taking screenshots and more. All the data is accessible through a password-protected web interface.

Parental Control Features
  • Block specific programs or websites
  • Log the time spent in each software program
  • Track all websites that are visited
  • Monitor online chatting using screenshots
  • Set daily time limits on computer, application, or website usage per Windows user login
  • Take regular screenshots of the active window
  • Customize restrictions for each child based on their Windows user login
  • Access usage reports through a password-protected web interface or automated emails
  • Count keystrokes and mouse clicks by application
  • Uses minimal resources with no performance impact during normal computer use

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